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We make every effort to ensure that each patient's visit is as efficient and stress-free as possible.  To help us meet these goals, we ask your cooperation with some practice policies, implemented for your safety and convenience.



If an EMERGENCY occurs please call 911 or go to the nearest EMERGENCY ROOM.

If you have an urgent issue after normal office hours and wish to speak to a physician, please call our main office number, (301) 424-6231 and follow the prompts to be connected to the answering service. Again, if it is an EMERGENCY please call 911 or go to the nearest EMERGENCY ROOM.


Referrals - It is vital that you bring a current referral from your primary care physician if you have an HMO.  We are not able to honor your appointment without it.

Arrival Time - In order to permit adequate time for lab work, phlebotomy and/or central port access, we ask that you arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment with your physician or PA/NP.

Test Results - Laboratory or X-ray test results should also be obtained at your follow up appointment so the practitioner can discuss the results with you and additional plans.  Please be aware that nurses are not permitted to relay test results to patients without express permission from a physician or PA/NP.  Although we understand that anxiety can occur, we ask that unless you are instructed otherwise by your practitioner, please do not call the office for your test results.  It often takes several days for laboratory or X-ray results to return to our office and become properly logged in and filed.


Our nurses return calls during normal business hours as time permits. If you have a new problem, are ill, or have a question about your treatment, you may contact our triage nurses. In consultation with your doctor or P.A., our nurses are able to address many of your concerns. If you do need to speak to your physician directly, please understand that they are often busy seeing other patients during office hours. It may be late in the evening or in some cases, the next business day before your phone calls may be returned. If the matter is urgent, please relay that to the receptionist when you call so that the nurse can confer with you in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


The best time to obtain a prescription refill is at your office visit. Please be sure to get enough medicine to last until your next practitioner appointment.   If you need a refill any other time, you may call our nurses for assistance or have your pharmacy fax a refill request to the triage office at (301) 424-2594. Please be aware that for safety issues, our nurses will not call in prescriptions.

If your prescription is a narcotic, you must have a written prescription which must be picked up during office hours.



We know that many people become anxious at the thought of receiving chemotherapy.  Please know that our entire staff will do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  The nurses responsible for your care have received specialized training in treating oncology patients, including the preparation and administration of chemotherapy.  We have an outstanding team of nurses who are professional, competent, and caring, and will provide a warm and personal touch to your treatment.

Your chemotherapy treatment requires a separate appointment from the practitioner (physician/physician assistant) appointment.  You will also usually need a separate chemotherapy education appointment before your first treatment with one of our physician assistants to review the treatment schedule, expected side effects, prescriptions you might need, and to answer other questions you might have.  Please help to make sure the front desk personnel have made both appointments for you.

At the time of your first chemotherapy appointment, you will be taken to our Infusion Room.  Your treatment will be administered in a comfortable recliner chair.  The nurse will give you information on the drugs you will receive, the side effects of the treatment, and the schedule of your treatment.  Please utilize this time for questions.  It is very important to come on time for your chemotherapy appointment because the schedule allows for the nurses to have adequate time to administer your treatment and to answer your questions. 

Treatments often require several hours, so feel free to bring a drink and a snack with you as we do not have facilities in the building to purchase them.  Please be considerate of others.  Some patients are undergoing treatments which may make them sensitive to smells.  We recommend that you bring things to help pass the time while here.  Examples include reading materials, crossword puzzles, radios, TVs and DVD players with headphones, etc.  We do have two portable DVD players for use so you can bring a DVD movie and enjoy!  We also ask that patients limit cell phone usage in the Infusion Room, again out of consideration for others.

It is important to bring any medications with you that you may need while here in the office.  Diabetic patients should be sure to bring their insulin and/or a snack if they will be here several hours.  Pain medications are especially important to have on hand to ensure a more comfortable visit with us as we have limited pain medications in the office.

Just a few more items:

  • On the day of treatment please come thirty minutes prior to your appointment time so that adequate time is allowed for drawing blood.
  • Your chemotherapy appointment time should always follow your practitioner appointment.  Please make sure that this is the case when the front desk is making your appointment. 
  • You may choose to bring someone with you on your treatment day.  We do ask however, that you only bring one person and please no children under the age of 16.  In the event that the room is full we may ask your visitor to wait in the waiting room.

We would like to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible in all respects. To ensure a smooth process for everyone, we ask for your cooperation to make sure that you receive your maximum insurance benefits.

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with your insurance plan requirements. Many insurance plans require you to bring in a referral from your primary care provider. If your insurance plan requires a referral, please bring it with you to your appointment, or call our office prior to your appointment to make sure your referral has been received. We are NOT permitted to see you without a valid referral. Many of the treatments that we administer in our office are expensive. You may wish to review your insurance policy prior to starting treatment. Some plans put limits on coverage for treatment, which can unfortunately impact your financial responsibility.

Our billing department and front desk staff work together to ensure accurate and timely filing of your insurance claim. It is critical that you inform the front desk of any changes in insurance coverage, mailing address, or phone number before your appointment. You will be asked to update your patient information sheet annually, even if there are no changes.

Medicare patients without supplemental insurance will be responsible for 20% coinsurance, payable at the time of service.

All copayments are due at the time of service. We are unable to bill you for your copayment.

Our billing staff will make every attempt to collect from your insurance company on your behalf. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for payment of services rendered as your insurance policy contract is between you and your insurance company. A patient representative from our billing department may contact you regarding financial arrangements if necessary.

Please be assured your confidentiality will be respected at all times.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our billing department.

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