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We are proud of our staff at AOH.  From the receptionist who answers your first phone call, to the medical records analyst who assists you in collecting your pertinent data, you are always our top priority. Everyone here is committed to making you feel safe, comfortable and well-cared for.


We have five practicing physicians, all of whom are board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, and several who are additionally board certified in Hematology.  As general oncologists and hematologists trained at premier academic centers, we all manage patients with a variety of oncologic and hematologic conditions.


Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners are an integral part of patient care at AOH.  With specialty training and over 50 years of combined clinical experience, our PA's/NP work directly with the physicians to help manage and monitor patients through chemotherapy and a variety of other treatments offered in our practice.  Patients on chemotherapy can expect to see the PA's/NP on a regular basis and will find they are a great source of information, support and comfort through the treatments and beyond.  Appointments are required for the PA visits.


Our nursing staff is a team of specially trained, highly skilled, and extraordinarily compassionate nurses who have a deep desire to treat and care for oncology patients.  They are responsible for administering chemotherapy, educating patients about side effects and management techniques, and for triaging, and often themselves managing, patient clinical problems.  They coordinate treatments at the hospital outpatient facilities and interact with insurance companies and home providers on clinical issues. They are not trained in warmth and compassion.  That comes naturally.


We have an excellent laboratory team at AOH.  They are responsible for drawing blood for laboratory tests, processing the blood for tests done by outside commercial labs, and performing the routine tests we use in the office.  Our laboratory personnel have special training in phlebotomy and are certified medical technologists.  We receive comments routinely on how skilled and compassionate our staff is.  Please be assured that they will do everything possible to minimize the discomfort associated with phlebotomy.


Our medical assistants begin the process of patient evaluation in our office with a warm greeting, a genuine concern for your well being, and an upbeat attitude that reflects that of everyone in the office. They are responsible for obtaining vital signs, height and weight, phlebotomy, notifying the practitioner if any patients appear acutely ill, and for navigating the patient through our office.  They do their best to make sure the provider is seeing patients on schedule.  Behind the scenes, they are responsible for ensuring the exam rooms are prepared for each patient visit.


Our front desk staff has many responsibilities that are critical for the smooth operation of our office.  First and foremost, they understand that patients can be anxious and scared when visiting our office, and will do their best to make you feel at ease.  They are the central hub of the office and are responsible for checking patients in and out, verifying insurance and collecting co-pays and other charges, scheduling radiology tests and scheduling follow-up appointments, answering phone calls and responding to a variety of requests from everyone in the office.  They routinely do this with a smile and with a competency that garners them repeated compliments from our patients.


We pride ourselves on the completeness and accuracy of our medical records.  We make every effort to obtain pertinent medical records prior to the patient's arrival so that the practitioners have all the information they need to provide optimal care.  We have a dedicated and diligent team of medical records analysts who take pride in working behind the scenes to update and accurately prepare the charts for all the patients seen each day in our offices.


We have an excellent billing staff whose responsibilities are constantly evolving due to the ever changing policies and procedures of Medicare and insurance companies.  They are a tremendous source of knowledge regarding pre-authorizations and coverage of certain types of treatment, to name just a few.  Please see the Billing section in the Current Patients tab for more detailed information.


AOH believes that clinical research is key to advancing the fight against cancer.  Our clinical research department was founded so that we could provide patients with access to promising new treatments.   Our AOH research coordinator is Mikhail Kalnitskiy and our NIH liaison research coordinator is Christine Muir. For more information on this exciting endeavor, please see the Research section.


Our administrator is Kim Roddy.  She has the responsibility for managing the practice on a daily basis, coordinating all departments with the help of department supervisors, implementing new policies and procedures, and interfacing with the physicians to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our clinical practice.  Should you have any comments or questions regarding the practice, Kim would be happy to address your concerns.

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